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Additive Manufacturing for modern manufacturing

There are various ways to manufacture a product:
Subtractive manufacturing: (Small parts are removed from a big part to give it a final shape) 
Forming: (A big part is compressed through applying forces to make a final product)  
Casting: (Solid raw material is converted into liquid and put into shaping device to make the final product) 
In this article, we will be focussing on Additive manufacturing. One of the huge leaps in the manufacturing industry in the past couple of years is the proliferation and application of 3D printing technology. It has changed the mindset of the manufacturers and is allowing them to imagine the possibility of that technology in their domains. 

Industrial 3D printing is changing the way companies develop products and devices. With prototypes in hand within days, designers and engineers can iterate and validate designs faster than ever before. Since parts are manufactured in commercial grey materials, 3D printing is now even being used as a production method for…