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SLTL talks about the Amtex expo and the current market scenario in the manufacturing industry

In conversation with Mr. Maulik Patel, Business Development-International, SLTL
About SLTL

SLTL which started in 1989 was previously known as Sahajanand Laser Technologies Limited. SLTL is a manufacturer of diamond processing machines with lasers, industrial laser systems, medical stems, renewable energy, solar thermal based equipment’s, radio frequency, and microwave absorbers. As a conglomerate, we are present in 30 countries, and we are growing at a rapid pace. We spend around 10% of our revenue every year on research and development.

In your opinion, what is the current market scenario?

The market scenario in India is growing at a good pace. There is stiff competition from imported machines like Chinese machines that are now penetrating the Indian market. These machines even though low in cost are deficient in quality. Even then, these machines are swiftly gaining a market in India, as the Indian machine tool buyer is mainly focussed on the price of the product rather than the quali…