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Industry 4.0 through Make in India

The world over, the new buzz word - ‘Industry 4.0’ is quickly picking up strength. This new, disruptive technology has recently gained momentum in the manufacturing ecosystem. It has changed and reshaped the way things are seen in the manufacturing segment, which includes the automotive sector. The need to understand and adopt the advanced manufacturing techniques is the need of the hour. Industry 4.0 is viewed as a collection of Information & developments for the segments like Big data, Cloud computing, Internet of things, Simulation, Autonomous robots, augmented reality, Cybersecurity, System integration, and Additive manufacturing.
The government of India's drive through the "Make in India" concept has generated substantial interest and the spotlight is now on the manufacturing domain. Likewise, with the implementation of FDI and GST programmes (100 percent Foreign Direct venture is permitted under the programmed course in the auto segment), there will be a huge i…